Leagrave Fish Bar

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Order a takeaway from Leagrave Fish Bar, sit down, relax and enjoy your night in without the hassle. What’s the point of offering a unique and different range of food, if the delivery experience isn’t equally as fresh and on time? Make tonight an easy night in and pick up some authentic Burgers & Chicken, Fish & Chips takeaway from Leagrave Fish Bar.

11 High Street,
Luton LU4 9JU
01582 503973
kids meal 1

can of soft drink piece chicken and chips

kids meal 2

can of soft drink fish bites and chips

kids meal 3

can of soft drink fish cake and chips

kids meal 4

can of soft drink 5 chicken nuggets and chips

kids meal 5

can of soft drink jumbo sausage and chips

chicken meal deal

2 pieces of chicken and chips can of soft drink

burger meal deal

quarter pounder cheese burger regular chips can of soft drink

pukka pie meal deal

mushy peas regular chips can of soft drink any pie

donner meal deal

regular donner kebab regular chips can of soft drink

fish and chips meal deal

can of soft drink mushy peas regular chips cod

Opinion of Leagrave Fish Bar

took over 90 mins to arrive and when it did it was cold... been very disapointed lately wont be buying again from here